27 May 2020

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Other SOHO Instruments

  CDS from the RAL
  CELIAS from the University of Bern
  COSTEP from the University of Kiel
  EIT from the Goddard Space Flight Center
  ERNE from the University of Turku
  GOLF from the IAS
  MDI from the Stanford University
  SUMER from the MPS
  SWAN from the FMI
  UVCS from the Harvard-Smithsonian
    Center for Astrophysics

  VIRGO from the IAS

Solar Space Instruments

  Solar Orbiter (ESA)
  SECCHI from the MPS
  STEREO from the GSFC
  WIND WAVES: Radio Data
  WIND SWE: Solar Wind Data
  WIND MFI: Magnetic Field Data
  Yohkoh SXT

Data Archives/Observatories

  Solar Data Analysis Center
  The Virtual Solar Observatory
  BASS2000 Solar Survey Archive
  National Solar Observatory
  Wilcox Solar Observatory
  Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (HAO/NCAR)


Space Weather

  NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
  Today's Space Weather
  Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
  Celias/MTOF Proton Monitor
  ACE Real Time Solar Wind
  Real-time (Quicklook) Dst index


  SOHO Comets
  Meteor Showers Online
  Small Comets

Press Releases and News

  ESA Press Releases
  Solar Physics on the Web
  Solar Physics Division - SolarNews
  ADS Astronomy Abstract Service
  Astronomy Picture of the Day
  Journal of Geophysical Research - Space Physics
  NOAO Other Links to the Astronomical Community
  NSO's Digital Library

Solar Eclipse

  Fred Espenak's Eclipse Home Page
  Schwäbische Sternwarte Stuttgart
  Universtitätssternwarte München

MPS Internal

  MPS Microsoft Outlook Web Access